Climate Controlled Storage

Store your investments with confidence in our climate-controlled facility, certified to international standards. 

Our advanced filtering technology preserves air integrity, while temperature accuracy is maintained within +/-1 degree Celsius. 

Ideal for fine art, objets d'arts, haute couture, wine collections, and sensitive technology.

Why store with us?

  • Ensures cooling accuracy within one degree Celsius
  • Is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015
  • Filters air at atmospheric pressure, maintaining vital air integrity
  • Continuously and precisely monitors temperature and humidity levels
  • Has 24hr digital CCTV both outside and inside all areas of the building
  • Is individually alarmed and monitored from our reception
  • Has been tested within a laboratory environment to guarantee optimum performance

Wine Storage

Securely store your wine collection at our climate-controlled storage facility. Our investment grade storage environment helps to protect against damage due to excessive heat or cold, preserving the original flavour, aroma, and balance of your wine.

Wine storage
Wine storage

Haute Collection Storage

Keep your high-end garments and bags in pristine condition with Irwell Self Storage's climate-controlled Haute Couture Storage. Our managed environment guarantees clean, dark, cool, and moderately dry storage with a constant temperature and humidity, ideal for securely preserving any textile collection.

Luxury handbags and clothing
Luxury handbags and clothing

Fine Art Storage

Our Fine Art Storage service offers expert care for your art collection. We create bespoke cases, detailed inventories, and carefully transport your art pieces to our secure climate-controlled storage facility, where we verify their integrity before arranging them in the unit. Enjoy your art pieces with peace of mind knowing they're safe and protected.

Fine Art Storage
Fine Art Storage

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